jingle waffle crunchox

courtesy www.youtube.com

awalnya aku gak tau tentang jingle ini, tapi si mastika minta tolong cariin. yach aku pun cariin mp3 nya dengan susah payah aku akhirnya menemukan mp3 berserta lyric jingle nya. bagi yang mau juga jingle waffle crunchox, silahkan download disini, tinggal klick tulisan download ato kesini http://www.4shared.com/audio/wugR2L_y/cx1z4q03ydbs.html

ini lyricnya:

take me to high above
i will declare my love

for you dear

dudu dududu

the sky is beckoning

and its my reckoning

to go out dududu

climb the highest hill

to versus lightest chill

what a lovely thrill to see

and if you wanna go downtown just let me know

we'll go there

dudu dudu dudu

coz you're just so sweet

i'll buy you a chrunchox treat to enjoy

dudu dududu

we'll take to the stage

so lets elaborate

and then get on the way with your soul







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